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10th May 2006

6:22pm: Boo for a 15 minutes treadie workout and maybe 2 minutes of weights. I felt so unmotivated in the gym today for some reason. Probably cause I ran out of bran cereal thus resorting to grits with butter and banana, so I felt heavy and dizzy when I went to the gym. Plus I couldn't kick myself in the ass enough to go BEFORE I eat breakfast. I'm more energetic in the morning before I eat. Sigh

I cannot wait till Alex orders more protein powder. I feel a protein deficiency of some sort. Can't put my finger on it.

BTW I rearranged my weight lifting plan. Fiance says I should isolate each body part once a week, so I don't overkill and I'll get better results. So my weight routine for next week will go something like this:

Monday- chest and shoulders
Tuesday- back
Wednesday- no weights
Thursday- legs
Friday - biceps and triceps

I also found a killer ab routine that I'm gonna try.

And still working up to 30 minute nonstop jog on the treadmill. Grrrr....

9th May 2006

7:01pm: Alex is on his way home from work. I pretty much skipped the gym. I just didn't feel like going, I like doing my workout in the mornings anyways to get it over with. Plus I'm more energetic in the morning. Also, I set my daily alarm on my cell to 7:30am in the mornings to avoid the sleep-in that I had today.

Tonight is new episodes of HOUSE and GILMORE GIRLS!! When I first started watching House (by way of Alex who got me hooked on the show) I could not stand Dr. House for anything. I thought he was unnecessarily arrogant and rude. Now I actually find him and his character attractive and very sexy, i wouldn't mind working with him at all!

I'm also interested in seeing what happens on Gilmore Girls, I cannot believe Lorelei is rethinking her wedding. :-(

I'm also loving ER, especially since it's being taped in Darfur at the moment. It's extremely eye-opening and heart-breaking at the current situation in Sudan. It's terrible that a practically recurrence of the Rwanda genocide is happening now and no action is being taken to stop it.

Anyways, time to chop this pineapple and put away laundry.
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5th May 2006

9:00am: Go me. I completely forgot about First Friday Donut Morning at our condo. I already had my bran cereal, banana and 2 cups of coffee and I'm too full to even think about donuts.

So...I can kick back and have a few beers tonight. Maybe I can talk Alex into getting some Coors Light cause I actually like it and it's low-cal. But I won't trip if I end up having Corona or Brahma.

I actually mapped out an exercise plan for myself. Normally I do full body weights workout 2-3 times a week, called hypertrophy specific training...don't ask it's really weird. However, I think I'm going to up it to 4 times a week but split them into upper/lower body weights. Something like this:

Monday: 25 minute jog, upper body weights (ex. bench press, shoulder press, lat pulldown, etc)

Tuesday: 25 minute jog, lower body weights (ex. squats, lunges, deadlift, calves, etc)

Wednesday: 25 minutes jog OR 45 minute elliptical

Thursday: 25 minutes jog, upper body weights

Friday: 25 minute jog, lower body weights

Saturday: Optional, whatever

So, I get at least two days rest for my upper and lower body when lifting. I'm going to keep the 25 minute jog for a couple more weeks, then up it to 30 minutes while keeping the 5.7 mph pace. Eventually I'll get to 30 minutes at a 6.0 mph pace. *sigh*

Gonna clean the balcony windows then gym-ing it up this afternoon.

4th May 2006

5:20pm: Just got back from the gym. Hopped on the treadmill and did a 25 minute jog at a 5.7 mph pace. Boy did I kick my own ass. I kept stopping for 15 second breaks in between to gulp down some water. First time in a few months I walked out of there panting with a bright red face. I couldn't even bring myself to do weights. That treadmill put my ass to shame about my previous workouts on the elliptical. But....I'm happy cause at least I discovered a cardio workout that gets my butt in gear. I could be on the elliptical for hours, but definetely not on the treadmill.

So our condominium staff is holding our monthly coffee and donut morning, a little event every first Friday of every month. Downstairs they load up a big table with donuts and coffee and we get a complimentary newspaper. So...I'm debating between tomorrow morning's donut or tomorrow night's beer.

My best friend is coming up for Caribana, I'm sooooo excited. :-D

18th April 2006

5:39pm: 30 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes of Tae Bo. Bleh. Didn't even get to do abs. :-/

I hate working out when Alex isn't around.

Well, gonna fold laundry and cut the steaks.
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10th April 2006

5:21pm: Finished the laundry, washed the sheets, steak on the grill....just here waiting for Alex to get home from work.

My mom sent me an email telling me the student loan people were calling her house. Lord knows how many times I changed my address with them. And I applied for a years unemployment deferment from these idiots last month and they granted it! What the hell do they want? I'll call them tomorrow and see what's going on.

Honestly, I know everyone's gotta do it, but bills and loan payments really depress me to no end

I had a good workout. 40 minutes of weights and my Tae-Bo video. I had to open the balcony door cause I was getting so hot in the living room doing my kicks and punches, even with the air conditoner on. Hope nobody from the condos across the way saw me flouncing around my living room and shaking my tail to Tae-Bo. :-/

Apprentice comes on tonight!!
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6th April 2006

7:15am: It's 7am now. Woke up at 5:15am to make Alex's lunch and breakfast and send him off to work. I loves taking care of my babes. I'm getting used to the 5am wake up time, except at night it takes a while for me to fall asleep. So now I'm lounging in my jammies having some coffee.

Selena the movie comes on today, for those who don't know I'm a HUGE Selena fan. The day she died, I was in tears. I loved her, she has really opened the doors for Latina females. And as much as I like Jennifer Lopez, Selena puts her to shame. I'd love to visit her museum in Texas.

So now that I cleaned the apartment yesterday, I can spend today relaxing, reading, maybe some grocery shopping. Bye all!
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27th March 2006

7:42pm: Whew....stuffed myself silly with nachos today.

Just a little update on my recent rant.

Seems there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. :-)

Anyways, Alex's brother is going on a trip with her to Mexico in three weeks. Beach, resort, luxury, the whole sha-bang.

Alex was just telling me how his brother is trying to get it through to Pauline that just because they are going on a nice trip, it does not make the relationship serious. That they are just having fun, and he has no intentions of getting married. This makes Pauline sad and upset, and in tears.

So maybe what goes around comes around?

Now the mature thing to do would be to leave it alone and not worry about it. However, right now I just feel like basking in her misery. It's not wrong to bask in her misery is it? :-P

26th March 2006

12:12pm: Well I went out for coffee with my sister and Mom this morning. Then stopped by Sally's Beauty Supply on the way back for some Hot Six oil.

Rant, need adviceCollapse )

25th March 2006

1:56pm: WOW, I had a GOOD workout today! 10 minutes of stairclimber and 50 minutes of weights. I was even contemplating doing 10 more minutes of stairclimber. I felt awesome afterwards, even guzzled down 32 ounces of water during the whole thing. I see all these skinny chicks in the gym doing hours of running and elliptical, but weights create better results. More strength, sexy muscles, and curves.

Gonna make some pork tacos right now. They're actually healthy and VERY yummy.

Package of ground pork
1 bunch of cilantro
2 medium sized tomatoes
Garlic salt
Corn tortillas

Chop the tomatoes, cilantro, and dumped into a skillet with ground pork. Mix up the entire thing with a spatula (don't mush it, just fold it), season with garlic salt and pepper, and mix up a bit more. Turn the heat up to medium for a couple minutes. When the pork starts to brown, fold the mixture so the other side browns. At this point, turn the heat to low (maybe a 2 or 3). Keep folding the mixture over until it is all brown. Now when it is brown, there is still going to be water left in. So make sure you keep cooking until the water cooks out of the pork.

Then once it's done, it should look like crumbled pork with red and green color. Eat with your corn tortillas. Normally I like to cut up some avocado and lime. Or use your favorite spicy salsa. Mmmmm...mmmm delish.


24th March 2006

4:55pm: Well Alex finally got in touch with an immigration lawyer and got some info. I might be going back. Here's the story of my little bit of drama in Canada.

After I graduated university in August 2005 I went to Canada with Alex. We both got an apartment with our names on the lease, a bank account, car keys, house keys, credit card, everything together. We were about to embark on a new life together.

In Canada I applied for an open 6-month work permit. This permit is only for recent university graduates who can work basically anywhere in Canada except for medical or educational positions. It's some weird agreement between Canada and the USA. So within 3 weeks I was working for Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce as an investment representative on a contract. During my 5 months there the co-workers and my supervisors really wanted me to stay and the company even funded for me to take a couple courses in order to be eligible to trade securities on the Canadian and U.S. markets. Of course I was thrilled for opportunities like these to come up. So a couple months before my open work permit was to expire, I applied for a NEW work permit under CIBC. I even had the job offer letter from the company telling me they wanted to extend my contract, they wanted to keep me there and I was a good employee. Me and Alex totally didn't think this would get rejected, but lo and behold it did. The lovely rejection letter even said (and I quote), "We do not feel your position would have a positive effect on the Canadian marketplace." HUGE BLOW. I was upset, crying, bawling, everything. So CIBC didn't have any choice BUT to let me go, which they did at the beginning of February. My boss did tell me that when I got things sorted out with Immigration Canada to let them know, and maybe I could have my position back. But MAN being let go really sucked. I cried, even in the office. So embarrassing!!

So Alex and I decided I would head back to the States so I could at least work and not do NOTHING and wait for my PR status to come through while in the USA. The day my parents came to get me was the worst day ever. Me and Alex were both hugging and crying and telling each other we loved one another. Even his aunt and mom cried. Wow, it was a sad moment.

However.....Alex consulted with an Immigration lawyer today. The lawyer said that the best thing for me to do is to come back to Canada so Alex can apply to sponsor me as a common-law. Reason being, my name is still on the apartment lease and by August it will have been on the lease for a whole year. At that point, we can file for the common-law arrangement, then file for PR Status and the lawyer can get me PR status 4 months from then. Which means I could probably be working again by December. The thing is I actually have to be IN Canada and LIVING with Alex so the government will know that I am committed to staying and working there as a citizen.

So....I might actually be going back in a few weeks. It's a relief, god I miss Alex like crazy. And I have only been in the States for 2 weeks. The other half of me is literally gone. I'll feel bad if I have to turn down a position with JP Morgan, but Canada is where my heart is and I want to go back! I don't even have any friends left in the States.

Anyways, thats a little piece of the drama I had to deal with this past month and a half. Whew!

23rd March 2006

12:04pm: Had an interview with JP Morgan, I'm almost hoping I don't get the job. For one, it's two hours travel time a day....an hour to get there and an hour back, meaning I have to get up extra early and all that jazz. Two, the job requires overtime hours for this current season at least. I would barely get any time to talk to Alex, or even time for myself. Anyways, we'll see what happens in a week. Until then, I'm applying to banks much closer to home.
1:23am: WHY OH WHY???
Okay, I'm actually going to try updating this thing on the regular. There's a lot of really cool folks on LJ I'd like to get to know as well as them to know me. Plus it's only fair if I'm reading everyone else's journals and they can't read about me. I'm just having major issues getting a cool layout on here.

Anyways, I've been deported back to the USA (sigh) a few weeks ago. Well not actually DEPORTED but Immigration Canada refused my request for a work permit extension. The company I was working for (CIBC) even tried to sponsor me!!! But as these immigration representative assholes say, "You must be doing work that no other Canadian can do." So me and Alex are doing these blasted papers and apply for spousal residence sponsorship from outside of Canada. I'm still caught between whether I should continue living in Toronto and applying for PR status at Buffalo, or just remaining here (away from Alex) so I can at least WORK and have some work experience before going back. Either way it's going to take about a year and a half. Sigh....decisions, decisions. I'm tired of the long-distance stuff.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Will update tomorrow!

25th January 2005

8:38pm: Don't post here much, just community scouting. Maybe I'll post regularly. :-)
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